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Promote From Within

Having served as a children’s pastor for 10 years I have realized one thing. I always need more volunteers. Even if every role is filled, the church will eventually grow and will need more people to care for the kids. The recruitment never stops. As my team grew I recognized a need for Middle Level Leadership. I did not just need people to work with kids, I needed people who could lead other volunteers. Where do you find these types of people? Probably the best place to start is with the people who are already on your team. 

This past week one of my coordinators (we will call him Mitch) was talking to one of his volunteers. (We will call him John.) Mitch asked John to begin to serve as his apprentice. Basically what this means is that John would be the backup coordinator if Mitch ever got sick, and John would be trainings to possibly take over if Mitch ever stepped down or moved to a different role.

John is in his first year of our program and he is serving as an assistant leader, but showed great commitment and did a great job with the kids. Mitch approached him and told him that he saw his faithfulness and attention to detail and that he should consider serving as an apprentice coordinator. When Mitch asked him to be the apprentice coordinator, he was surprised that someone believed in him enough to give him that responsibility. John came up to me later in the week and said “I didn’t know I had the credentials to be a coordinator.” He was half joking and half serious.

What was the process of getting John to be a coordinator?

  1. John began to serve in an assistant role with limited responsibility.
  2. John proved to be skilled and faithful for several months.
  3. Mitch recognized Johns ability and commitment.
  4. Mitch asked John to take on the new role.

It is really a simple process and many times people are flattered when someone believes in them enough to take on a larger role. Think about how you feel when someone believes in you.

Questions for the week:

  • Who are the most faithful volunteers in your ministry that you could promote?
  • Who is someone on your team that you can encourage this week by pointing out some specific things that they do well.



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